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Here is our Josephine (Joe-Joe). She is one of our own pups, and she is lovely. She is a full sister to our Mazie as her parents are also Cleo and Oliver. She is very smart and a quick learner. She loves to play and cuddle, and she follows my daughter everywhere. =) She is well on her way to getting all of her clearances, and as soon as she does, she will be added to our breeding program.  She is so incredibly sweet.  She has a gorgeously thick, wavy coat.  She is the great-grand-daughter of a WORLD Champion!  See her lines here.



Genetic Testing:

PRA/PRCD: Clear (Animal Genetics)

PRA1: Clear (Animal Genetics)

PRA2: Carrier (Animal Genetics)

ICT: Carrier (Animal Genetics)

MD: Clear (Animal Genetics)

DM: Clear (Animal Genetics)

NCL-GR: Clear (Animal Genetics)

Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy: Clear (Paw Print)

Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Clear (Paw Print)

Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa: Clear (Paw Print)