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She is a full cream that came to us from Minnesota; both of her parents are from Europe. She is a love! She would climb into your skin if she could. 🙂 Her favorite thing (still) is to be carried around by my daughter (she is my daughter’s baby). She is a ham, and she loves to chase the ball. She is as fast as lightening and so athletic. She has a wonderful coat that needs very little care other than the occasional brushing.  She is the daughter of a champion and the grand-daughter of a European Champion and a WORLD Champion!  She has beautiful puppies. She is a joy to own. See her lines here.


Hips: PennHip

Elbows: OFA Normal

Heart: OFA Normal

Thyroid: OFA Normal

Eyes: OFA Clear (2018)

Genetic Testing:

PRA/PRCD: Clear (Optigen)

PRA1: Clear (Optigen)

PRA2: Clear (Optigen)

ICT: Affected (Antagene)