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vallaincourtsFor as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a golden retriever.  We always had a dog growing up, but there was just something “fun” about the thought of owning a golden.  First, we had a Boxer mix, then a German Shepherd, and at the time of my marriage, a cocker spaniel.  I loved them all, but my dream dog has always been a golden retriever.  At the beginning of our marriage, we lived in a small, city apartment which, in my mind, was no place for a golden– so we decided to wait.  After ten months of marriage, we bought our home in Deerfield, which consists of five acres.  Plenty of room for a dog (and our two horses).  Within two weeks, I was already checking out litters.

I came across a litter in New Boston, where I had my pick of 11 puppies.  One week later, Parker came home with us.  He was our baby.  He went EVERYWHERE with us.  He spent the day at work with me, which he loved!  There’s nothing a golden likes more than a continuous stream of new people to meet.  He was a perfect fit for our family, and we were hooked.  Now, 30+years later, we are still in love with the breed!  We have been breeding for over 15 years.  We breed for the love of it, so we only have 3 (occasionally, but not very often: 4) litters a year.  This gives us more time to spend with each litter, and yes, we are always sad to see them go–they are a part of our family, after all. 🙂 During our 31+ years of marriage, God has blessed us with four children. (He has been so good to us!)  Three of them are still living at home with us.  Our oldest is married, and my next youngest works with the dogs with me.  She has a passion for animals.  The youngest two are some of the best “puppy socializers” you will ever meet.  They are all very good at what they do!  It is our aim to send home a trained, well-behaved, and loved puppy that we would want to have in our own household.  Much time and love go into these adorable little cuties.  We love them to pieces and trust that you will as well.

We are blessed!

Romans 10:9-10, Ephesians 2:8-9