Welcome to Valley View Golden Retrievers

Our gorgeous Mazie, she is "Practically perfect in every way!"


Our WONDERFUL boy, Oliver.  A European import and he is FANTASTIC!


Our gorgeous Sasha, imported from Europe.  A CHAMPION in the show ring!


Our beautiful Cleo (short for Cleopatra, and yes, she does act like a queen). The granddaughter of a WORLD champion!


Our own girl, V.V.’s Princess Anastasia of Dewmist! The granddaughter of All Europe Champion/Jun. World Champion ’08, Dewmist Dandy Knight!


I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer so all operations have been suspended. We will NOT be having any puppies for the foreseeable future.


I have been diagnosed with recurrent cancer, so our kennel has slowed a bit and we are stopping farm visits. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this path.

Puppy Deposit Process:

1.) I do NOT have a waitlist nor do I take deposits early. A litter for any of my dogs will open once pregnancy has been determined by ultrasound. I will update this site with heats, breedings and ultrasounds followed by openings so you will be able to see it coming if you check here frequently. =) Once I declare a litter open here on my site, families may request a contract with attached deposit instructions. When you send in your contract request, you will need to write me a paragraph or two about you and your family. Please include past dog experience, breed experience, children with ages, home situation (home or apartment), where you live, your work situation (how long the pup will be home alone), as well as any other details that you may feel are important. I would like to get to know you a bit before we start this process. I will send out the contracts in the order that they reach my inbox. All information needed such as my full name and address will be included in my email. Again, please fill out the contract and deposit check exactly as directed. Any error will not delay your deposit, it may eliminate it. Once you have filled out the paperwork and enclosed the check, please get it to me by whatever means you choose.  If you choose to drive it out here, please take a picture of your hand putting it in my mailbox so that the pic is time-stamped and the order can be determined.  This really is necessary now, as most families will choose this method. It used to be for the dedicated few, but now this is the most popular by far. Mailing, even over-nighting, can be too slow. I know this sounds crazy, and we truly do miss the more laid back days, but at the same time we are so thankful for the overwhelming interest in our wonderful dogs!

2.) Once I have received the appropriate amount of requests (2 male/2female/4 no preference, normally, but less if the ultrasound shows fewer pups) I will close the litter. Of course, if someone does not follow through with the deposit or if we have extra puppies after birth, we will once again open the litter so there may still be hope for those that don’t get a request in. =) Again, if I accept your request, your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON (it will be refunded if I do not have enough puppies to fill your request after birth). Multiple puppy choice on pick up day is not guaranteed. You may get the final puppy depending on how many we have. Even first pick may not get a choice if I only have one of a certain sex. Only God knows what is in there, lol.


Just so that you understand the deposit & pick out process, here it is. I reserve 2 male/2 female/ 4 “no preference” (NP) slots for every litter (unless the ultrasound shows fewer than that). The first to get a male request to me gets 1st pick male, etc. The first to get a female request to me gets 1st pick etc. The first to get a request for “no preference” to me gets 1st pick “no preference”, etc. I occasionally keep 1st pick male/female for myself in some litters so the first to get a contract to me will get 2nd pick. This is usually determined before the litter is released, and I may change my mind as the pups grow or circumstances change, then that pup position would open up.

Now, let’s say for example, a mom has 10 puppies, 6 girls and 4 boys. First pick male will get their choice of 4 male puppies on pick out/up day. Second pick male will get their choice of 3 male puppies on pick out/up day. I will get 1st pick female, Second pick female will get their choice of 5 female puppies on pick out/up day. Third pick female will get their choice of 4 female puppies on pick out/up day. NOW, the “no preference” families come into play. After birth, I will contact the 1st pick NP family to see if they would like to choose from 2 male puppies or 3 female puppies on pick out/up day. They WILL HAVE TO DECIDE THEN. I need to know what I have for available puppies to release for deposit so you WILL need  to decide at that point if you want a male or a female. This is very important that you know this now. Some people think that “no preference” means that they can decide on pick up day if they want a male or a female and this is not the case. Now if 1st pick NP chooses a male then they will have their choice of 2 male puppies. If second choice NP chooses a female then they will have their choice of 3 female puppies on pick out/up day. If third choice NP chooses a female then they will have their choice of 2 female puppies on pick out/up day. And if fourth pick NP chooses a male then they will have the final male puppy. That will leave one female puppy available and she would be released on my site for deposit as soon as all the NP families decide which sex of puppy they prefer. On the actual pick out/up day, the families will come out here in the order that they placed deposits, choose their puppy, then take him/her home. That is basically the process in a nutshell. =)


When a litter is released, the wait slots fill QUICKLY so for anyone interested in a future litter, frequent site checks here are recommended. I will keep this site updated with the latest information.  PLEASE do not contact me asking to put a deposit down early.

Once a litter is open for reservation, a $500.00 deposit will hold your place in the puppy pick out order. This deposit is non-refundable for ANY reason other than my inability to provide you with a puppy (not enough in the litter). It can NOT be refunded. No exceptions. We are very old school (sorry) so we do not do any kind of online payment system. We DO accept checks for deposit.  Please know that puppy pick out order IS determined by deposit order NOT request order. The first check that I receive in my hand gets first pick, etc. We DO NOT do visits during the deposit time. The history of that has just been too chaotic with early/late families and  a lot of “no shows”.  I know that this can be kind of crazy and stressful, but we try to do the deposit order in the most fair way possible for all involved. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Although the $500.00 deposit will hold the buyer’s place in the pick out order, the actual picking out of the puppies is not done until the pups are eight weeks old and ready to go home, as that is the best time to see their color and personality. When the pups are 8 weeks old, the families come out in the order that they placed deposits, choose their pup then take him/her home.  It’s as easy as that!

We spend lots of time with the pups with lots of help from our three kids, so the puppies are well socialized, to say the least!! The puppies are super-sweet and very calm.

If you are not familiar with the European Creams, you really must see them.  They are the very light (almost white) goldens. They are MUCH more relaxed than most American Goldens, and studies have shown that there is 30% less incidence of cancer in the Europeans versus their American counterparts.  I bred the American Golden for 13 years, and I LOVE them, but there is just something special about the Europeans.

We run a smaller, more personal breeding program allowing us to dedicate more time to each litter. Our breed dogs are our pets, and live here with us (and, yes, they travel on vacation with us, too! ;)). They are all out of champion dogs from Europe (the grandparents of Cleo & Bindi are WORLD CHAMPIONS!) They really must be seen to be appreciated. They are full AKC registered and have had all of their health screening done, including all of their genetic testing. They have the looks, brains and personalities so prized in a golden.


Genetic Testing: All of the puppies from any of our litters now are genetically “free” of all golden retriever forms of genetic diseases! “Free” means that the puppies will either be “clear” or a “carrier”, and should not be affected by any of the AKC/Optigen/Paw Print listed “genetically test-able” diseases that can be common to the golden retriever breed.  All recommended genetic testing has been done on our dogs, and all it takes is one “clear” parent in order for all of the puppies in a litter to be “free” of the disease. All of our litters will have at least one “clear” parent in all genetic categories (PRA1, PRA2, PRA-prcd, ICT, Muscular Dystrophy, Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy,  & Degenerative Myelopathy).


The price for pups ranges from $2,400- $2,700 (price depends on parent animals, not male/female) with first shots, AKC paperwork/application (mailed to you after proof of spay/neuter has been sent to us), microchip, blanket, toys, treats, training tips and health certificate. If you are interested in one of our pups from any future litter, please contact us by email. (Please email rather than call, as I only have my “puppy phone” on when families are on their way to our farm to pick up their new baby. :)) Life is crazy, and I quite often do all of my updating and contacting late at night when the house is quiet and NO ONE else is awake (lol), so most –if not all –contact is through email. Thank you SO much for your incredible interest in these wonderful dogs, we are truly blessed!

Have a golden day!


“Sully is a great companion; he spends most of his time right by my side” J.K.

“Murphy is awesome and is such a love and smart boy; Everyone loves him! Thanks for such a wonderful dog..” S.B.

"Winnie is a true love and such a good puppy! We can't thank you enough for adding her to our lives."M.D.S.

“Max is doing great and is a blessing to have” K.S.

“Otis is wonderful, we love him!” J.S.

"I thank God every day for Ellie, and for you bringing her into my life." D.P.

"Lucy is the sweetest girl..stunningly beautiful and smart..grateful to have her in our family." K.J.

"She is everything that I wanted in a dog; she is such a beauty, and I am thrilled with her." J.M.

"Thank you for giving us the most wonderful boy we could have asked for. He brings so much joy to our family and we love him to pieces!" J.L.

"Maisie is such a sweet girl that loves to play but is very calm. Thank you so much for allowing us to have her in our family. She really is a wonderful dog." V.J.

"Rey is so sweet, smart, funny, and calm. I am loving every minute with her." J.M.

"Derby is by far the calmest and one of the easiest, most willing and smartest puppies I’ve ever trained..I can't thank you enough for making our family complete" J.L.

"Everyone who sees him gushes over him! I won't be surprised if you get a lot of interested families looking for puppies from you from this area!! S.M.

"She has just the right amount of attention, affection and chill....my patients love her!" D.P.

"Kona ❤️❤️We love him so much, he is such a sweet guy. We can't thank you enough!" E.C.

"Finn is quite the man! He's as sweet as can be....Great puppy!" L.M.

"Gemma is the most well-tempered and lovable girl! We are so in love with her, and can't imagine our family without her. We remember every day just how lucky we are to have her!" M.O.

"Lily is a happy energetic puppy full of love. She has brought immense joy to our lives. Thanks for introducing us!" D.R.

"Thank you SO much!!! We feel blessed that Goose is in our lives!! Sweetest dog ever!! K.M.

"Indie and Cody have been such a joy. They are getting so much love"K.M.

"Rocky is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Really smart and I am stunned at how good he is at potty training! We love him; you did an amazing job!"D.S.

"Derby is excelling in therapy dog training! Thank you for breeding such amazing dogs!" J.L.

"She's doing fantastic!...We're delighted with her." P.M.